Child support is intended to adequately provide for your kids by covering all of their daily needs, such as food and clothing. As well as ensuring that other needs are met which can include recurring medical expenses, and in some instances, extracurricular activities. 

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We understand that your children are very important to you and that your primary concern is to ensure their future safety and happiness. Trudy has been practicing in the General Sessions Court in  Middle TN for 20 years. She understands how the court views both custody and support of minor children during a divorce. She has also been fighting for  children's rights through the different groups she's been a part of for her entire adult life. There is no one more prepared to fight for you and your child.


There are two ways for custody decisions to be made during a divorce - 

1. The parents reach an agreement on custody, visitation, and support through negotiations using their attorneys or through Mediation.

2. The court makes the decision on custody, visitation, and support based on testimony and evidence presented by the attorneys.​

Whether your goal is to seek full custody, joint custody, or even looking to modify your existing parenting plan, there are many options open to us in moving forward. Please, call us today so we can sit down and come up with a plan together.


One of the main ways we ensure your children's future happiness and safety, is through support​. The Tennessee Child Support Worksheets must be completed as part of all divorces involving minor children. TN decided a few years ago that these worksheets are the most fair way to determine child support payments based on both parents income and the amount of time they each spend with the children.